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Join the thousands of satisfied Arkana clients that have ditched their energy companies and taken up a different path.  One where they are saving themselves money, but also making a change for the better.
How Does Solar Help Me...?
How Much Can I Save? Are There Still Rebates? 
The science of how solar works is complicated, but our job is to simplify it for you. A solar system is sized up based on your usage patterns (how much you use in the day versus the night), but also on your total usage, as well as planned future usage (i.e add pool). The sun shines from 6am-6pm on average, but most solar is produced between 10am-2pm. Most companies drastically undersize their system size recommendations as they don't understand the science.  We take the time to carefully analyse and assess your site conditions, as well as what you consider to be important, and then provide the recommendation you need to hear.

In 2020, there is still a very large and real Federal Government Rebate, called the STC rebate.  This can range from $3,700 to $7,500 or more depending on your system size.  There's been no better time in history to put solar on your home. 

If you want to know how much you'll save, what rebates you will qualify for, get in touch and we will prepare a FREE assessment for you.

Imagine Actually Looking Forward To Opening Your Energy Bill

Every year our clients rake in thousands of dollars of easy money thanks to the
giant big red ball in the sky.

The sun is free to use, and rises every single day. It’s actually pretty dependable.

Take our client Amanda. We installed a quality solar system on her roof over 12 months ago. She is deployed at sea for six months of the year, which means shes NEVER home.

In the past 12 months, she's saved $1,777.00

This is her power generation over the last twelve months (orange is solar, purple is in-home usage).
…and the thing about Amanda is that she doesn’t even use much power at all.

Shes never even home.

The vast majority of her savings has come from selling solar power back to the grid for a great rate. Part of our consultative process involves showing you how to secure these rates.

This result isn’t even rare. Over the past eight years, we’ve achieved hundreds if not thousands of similar results for our clients.

Like Chris The Ambo…
A typical day in the life of Chris The Ambo. See how the purple is all during the day?
Chris is a little bit different to Amanda. He actually uses a metric frig-ton of power during the day to heat his spa and run the air-conditioner. He’s what we would call the best case scenario for solar.

In the past twelve months, Chris saved $2,405.00. 

His net spend on power was just $117.63 in ONE year.
This is what quality solar looks like. This is what we will achieve for you. 

The Truth Is, Every Energy Retailer Is Being Sold To Overseas Investors. That Means Higher Prices.

Things are not going to magically get better.

I’ve never had an energy company generously send me a letter saying they’ve decided to drop my energy rates. Have you?

They won’t pass on the savings to you unless you threaten to leave them.

Now that brings up an interesting point that I’m sure you’ll appreciate.

“I’ll just shop around and get a better rate, so I’ll worry about solar later…”

This is the mindset many people get into.

But the problem with this is the following:

Lets say you pay $2,000 per year for power (pretty standard).

If you’re really good at negotiating and get a massive 20% discount, thats $400 saved. Pretty respectable.

Let’s say power goes up by the same amount. You’re basically avoiding the price rise.

But what you’re missing is you’re still wasting $2,000 per year by not investing in solar.

The way I see it…

You Have Two Options…

Either Keep Renting Your Power


Take Control Of It And 
Never Pay For Power Again

Here are the facts:
  • Power Costs Increased by 23% Last Year, Meaning You Will Pay $460 More This Year!
  • ​Solar Costs You Less Than Paying For Grid Power, Which Means You Will Be In-front From Day Dot.
  • ​Our Average Client Savings Was Over $2000 Last Year, Meaning You Will Likely Achieve Similar Results
  • ​Every System Is Battery Compatible, Which Means We Can Add A Battery NOW or Anytime In The Future.
  • ​Our Batteries Can Power Your House When Blackouts Occur, Meaning Your Fridge Keeps On Running

A Quality Solar System Will Cost You 
Less Than One Cup of Coffee Per Day